four children killed by mother
Tears Flow As 4 Children Killed By Mother Laid To Rest | PHOTOS

Tears Flow As 4 Children Killed By Mother Laid To Rest | PHOTOS

A mother was arrested in Naivasha, Nakuru County on Saturday, June 27 after 4 of her children were found dead at their rental house.

A police report revealed that she sent a text message to her brother informing him that she had committed the heinous act, after which the brother called the police and headed to his sister’s house.

Tears Flow As 4 Children Killed By Mother Laid To Rest | PHOTOS

At the scene, police found four bodies, and a letter addressed to her son explaining why she committed the act, including her wish to be incarcerated.

The woman noted in the letter that she was facing financial challenges, stating that she would not have committed the murders if she had a stable job.

She claimed that her actions were driven by the need to avert a future life full of struggle for her children.

“I have murdered my four kids to cut off the generation link from their family. It’s painful to bring up a child all knowing what a hard life awaits them. I love them so so much not to see them suffer.

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Tears Flow As 4 Children Killed By Mother Laid To Rest | PHOTOS

“As for me, I wish to spend the rest of my life in prison paying for my evil deeds. Kindly do not enter into any dealings with [Name Redacted] former boyfriend for he is evil. I loved him so much but I realized that all he owns belongs to another old woman (sugar mummy).

“If only I had a stable job, I would have not killed your siblings,” the letter seen.

The woman urged the son not to panic after finding out that his siblings were dead. She urged him to be prayerful and asked him to take care of younger individuals within the family.

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She also urged her son to focus on his education and to try his best to see it through to the end, noting he could ask an uncle for financial help.

The woman noted that she had paid various bills including rent and water for the house. The chilling letter also explained that the woman had bought new clothes for the children ahead of their burial, leaving them on a son’s bed.

She revealed her plan to turn herself into the police even as the tragic story made headlines and stoked debates on social protection and mental health.

“I will turn myself to the police for murder charges. Jail is my new home,” she wrote.

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