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Technology Trends Are Going To Dominate In 2022

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Technology Trends Are Going To Dominate In 2022

Every year, at the turn of the year, industry experts roll over their heads with their forecasts for the trend topics of the new year. And every year we get an overview of these forecasts and filter out those IT topics that companies should have on their screens in the looming new year.

However, it is always a problem with such forecasts. Some come true, others don’t, and often nobody expected the really explosive topics at all. In 2020, for example, this was the case with the rapid spread of remote work; in 2021, the enormous vulnerability to supply chain attacks was an example of unexpected IT issues.

Nevertheless, after the IT trends of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, we are now also looking at the IT trends of 2022. In doing so, we focus on eight trends that we believe have the greatest potential to set the tone for companies in 2022.

Digitization & automation

Industry experts are pretty much in agreement that digitization, which received a boost from the corona pandemic in 2020, will continue at a similarly accelerated pace.

This also goes hand in hand with the automation of processes. Many companies assume that they will only be able to compete in the future if they rely on related modern technologies and implement them in the company. Keep in mind that digitalization is the only way in 2022.

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On the other hand, by continuing to advance digitization and automation, they expect to be able to open up further growth opportunities and at the same time improve their own efficiency in the long term.

Many other subject areas also play a part in this area. For example, it is currently being considered how ethically responsible and data protection-compliant artificial intelligence can contribute to improving company processes. The question of how the Internet of Things can be used profitably is also addressed.

Decentralized work

The widespread home office is probably the most obvious example of decentralized working methods. And with the renewed obligation to work from home, the home office will also play a major role in 2022.

This means companies continue to have to deal with a multitude of endpoints accessing the network from off-site to retrieve information. On the one hand, they must be able to be managed efficiently, with mobile device management help. On the other hand, secure connections – such as via VPN – are required for this. In exactly the same way, collaboration tools, video conferencing systems, hybrid meetings, and the like will certainly determine the year 2022 again.


But: Decentralization goes far beyond this distributed work. Especially in medium-sized and large companies, the decentralized processing of data through edge computing also plays an important role. The aim of this is to be able to better cope with the increasing flood of information. In addition, it should be possible to generate additional added value. But more on that in the next section.



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