Tenant Sacked From Apartment Over Sex Agreement With Landlord

A landlord and his female tenant are at the crossroads over a sexual agreement that has gone bad.

Rainbow Radio reported that the landlord, whose name was only given as Efo, and his female tenant went into an agreement for him [landlord] to waive the tenant’s rent in exchange for sex.

However, the tenant, Mefia, says she is no longer interested in the verbal agreement and has decided to pay her rent, instead of using sex in exchange for her rent.

But her change of mind has infuriated the landlord who says he wants the agreement to hold.

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According to reports, the lady was asked to move out from the room but she has refused. This has created tension between them and neighbours are worried.

The landlord is said to have later confessed to the wife and other tenants about the agreement between them.

The issue has been reported to the police and Rent Control for redress.


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