kuami eugene zara sneakers
The 'Zara Price' Was A Joke - Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene who was in the next recently for ever pricing a Zara shoe he was wearing has finally reacted after he was exposed for it.

According to Kuami Eugene, he was only joking when he exaggerated on the price of the shoe he was wearing when a fan asked him about it.

Kuami Eugene made this statement while on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.
According to the ‘Aku Shika’ singer, he knew very well the true price of the Zara sneakers he was wearing was a google search away but jokingly exaggerated on the price.

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kuami eugene zara sneakers
Kuami Eugene

“I mean I know googling the price of the shoe is just a text away, but the fact that I’m playing and people actually think, we can use this to pin him down…”

Kuami Eugene revealed further that he doesn’t believe in trending on controversies but to his surprise, this little joke trended more than any other thing he has ever worked on.

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“Even my video got some bloggers together because bloggers were commenting under each others post and everyone wanted to put their tag on it so that it looks like they caught me first in a lie.”

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