Benjamin of Date Rush, real name Koffy Wasem Benjamin has revealed how he survived a suicide attempt in the past.

According to Benjamin in a new video privy to, from that day onwards, he is inspired simply by waking up every morning.

Benjamin Date Rush took poison
I Once Took Poison To Die But Survived – Benjamin Of Date Rush Reveals (VIDEO)

Detailing the story Ben revealed that after High School life become tough for him. He did not intend to live again and decided to take poison.

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Thinking he was going to die, he actually survived. He woke up in the morning with a heavily swollen stomach.

He then stumbled on Stonebwoy’s music that motivated him to move on with life after learning of the musician’s story.

From that very moment, he realized that God has a purpose for him and that has kept him alive from that day to today.

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