Two Pastors Exchange Blows Over Preaching Space (Video)

Two Pastors Exchange Blows Over Preaching Space has just gathered that two self styled mobile pastors have been seen fighting in a market space in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, over preaching space. (Video below)

According to our eye witness, these two pastors who were seen as ‘passionate’ about their preaching to the market audience all of a sudden broke out in a brawl after exchanging words of insult.

The pandemonium in the market space started when one of the pastors allegedly overtook the other pastor’s space. He reportedly mounted his equipment at the same spot of his colleague pastor.

Angered by the overtaking, the second pastor who was late to work could not fathom why his brother in Christ would “steal” his shine.

The two then began jabbing each other which resulted in hot exchange of blows.

In a video, the two pastors who dragged the fight to the centre of the market were managed to be separated by some men in the market.

Checkout a video of an earlier confrontation below or Click Here for more videos

Two Pastors Exchange Blows Over Preaching Space

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Checkout the video of the two fighting below…

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