Popular Nigerian Comedian, Nasty Blaq is currently in Ghana. Since coming to Ghana, he has shot a couple of comedy skits with some popular movies acts in the country.

Celebrities in Ghana have really embraced and welcome him wholeheartedly. However, he has shot a video with Musician Sefa and Van Vicker.

Van Vicker And Sefa’s “Lovey Lovey” Video Surfaces Online (Video)

In the video, Sefa was his girlfriend and an argument sparked between them which made the couple split. So Nasty Blaq, once saw Sefa posting Van Vicker with the caption “Thank you bestie for being here”.

This made Nasty Blaq picture what would be going on between Van Vicker and Sefa. So he quickly rushed to find Sefa. And reality, he found Van Vicker and Sefa under the same roof.

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Source: Occupygh.com