An alleged husband of Shemima of Date Rush has just popped up in a new video as he sends a strong warning to Ali to stay off his wife.

A man claiming to have wedded Shemima has just popped up online.

shemima date rush husband
Alleged Husband Of Shemima Of Date Rush Surfaces: ‘Shemima Is My Wife’

According to the man in a video sighted by, he has wedded Shemima and that they have a child – Suab Alanga

Referring to Shemima as Akua Adam, the man claiming to be the husband, Nasim Houssein, threatened to deal with her and anyone who tries to take her from him – including Ali of Date Rush.

“Akua Adams is my wife, we have a child called Suab Alanga. I taught her how to drive, I sponsored her school and gave her money… I will not allow any ‘small boy’ Ali to take her from me…”, the man notes in the video.

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I like Shemima, while on Date Rush she showed us that she is a determined woman and knows what she wants. She is a strong-hearted person, that is why this is coming as a shock to me.