AY Poyoo Shares First YouTube Earnings With An Orphanage Home | VIDEO

The real service to man is the service to god. … This is mainly because god is present not in the idols we worship but in every living thing around us. So we must every living thing with equal respect and always try to help our fellow human beings.

The video sighted by OccupyGH.com shows AY Poyoo donating to an undisclosed orphanage home.

He shared a video on Twitter of his presentation, stating that, he used the revenue accrued from his YouTube videos for the donation.

AY Poyoo indicates that it has always been his dream to give to the needy.

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According to him, anytime he saw children in orphanages, he wished to be able to help them but did not have much to give, and therefore hoped that God would bless him one day to be able to lend a helping hand.

“I decided to share part of my first youtube revenue with the children’s home and it won’t be the last. Thanks to everyone supporting and washing out...” he tweeted.

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During the presentation with his team, he told the orphanage ” Growing up, I always felt for the orphans and the needy. So I prayed to God that if He blesses me, I would share it with them “

The donation including rice, oil, water, toiletry, among other essentials.

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