A viral that captures the exact moment Bishop Daniel Angel Obinim of International God’s Way Church, removed a spiritual bullet from the head of a young lady.

The video was from one of Angel Obinim’s live church services.

Obinim Removes spiritual Bullet From Lady head
VIDEO: Bishop ‘Angel’ Obinim Removes Bullet From Head Of A Lady

In the video sighted by OccupyGh.com, ‘Angel’ Bishop Obinim is seen healing a woman who was at the point of death.

Bishop Obinim had to remove a spiritual bullet from her head in order to bring her back to life.

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It is discovered from a commentary in the video that the lady got shot when she visited the cocoa farm of her father and since then she has been suffering from severe headaches.

The lady who was unable to walk prior to the spiritual deliverance sprung to her feet and started walking after the bullet was removed from her head.

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Source: OccupyGh.com