funny face new girlfriend twerking
VIDEO: Funny Face New Girlfriend Tw.3.rks For Him

VIDEO: Funny Face New Girlfriend Tw.3.rks For Him

Funny Face has a new girlfriend! In the latest video sighted by, Funny Face’s new girlfriend is seen dancing for the Ghanaian comic actor.

Well, Funny Face is back on his feet after undergoing an ugly break-up with his ex-baby-mother.

To be recalled, the ‘Kasoa Vandamme’ rant on social media blasting his colleague actor, Lilwin after his wife ran away with their twin daughters. His actions made many people tagged him to be ’emotional’.

Well, in a new Instagram post, Funny Face unveils a new lady “Hajia 40/40” who according to him rely on when he went through depression moment and felt like giving up.

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Sharing the video, Funny Face noted:

“#AnimalKingdom Album .. @funnyfansofficial pls say thank you to Hajia 40/40 inside kasoa .. when I went through my depression moment and felt like giving up .. she has been a friend indeed .. love you Hajia 40/40 and is for life .. Like I also promised u sis .. Nobody can touch you in Kasoa .. cos ur brother is the Kasoa Vandamme “ Ei Dey over dem everytime “ .. pls don’t forget to pass by her joint when u are in Kasoa ❤️🙏😍🇬🇭🐉 .. oh and shout out to all Kasoa boys boys .. let’s party tonight at Hajia 40/40 place tonight 😅🕊✅🔥”

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