lady rejects bf proposal because he didnt kneel
VIDEO: Lady Rejects Boyfriend's Proposal Because He Refused To Kneel Down

VIDEO: Lady Rejects Boyfriend’s Proposal Because He Refused To Kneel Down

A video sighted by making rounds on social media sees the exact moment a young lady rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal because he refused to kneel down.

According to the lady in the video, he will not accept the proposal because her boyfriend refused to kneel while proposing marriage to her.

In the video, her boyfriend could be seen standing on his feet as he begged her to close her eyes tightly while stretching out the engagement ring towards her.

As she opened her eyes, she saw him standing on his feet to propose and she got offended that he didn’t go on his knees to propose to her.

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Her boyfriend on the other hand insisted that kneeling doesn’t prove anything. He turned down all her efforts to make him kneel and she walked out immediately.

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