I remember back in primary 1 and 2, I was taught a beautiful poem that I still recite/sing anytime I see someone bleaching their skin – Black Is Beautiful.

Unlike me, this woman does not agree with the fact that black is beautiful.

Instant Whitening Bath
Shocking Video Of Lady Bathing In Instant Whitening Bath Pops Up Online (WATCH)

As per a new video that has just surfaced on social media, a young black and beautiful lady is seen bleaching her skin in what they call ‘Instant Whitening Bath /Water’.

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She is seen laying in a bathtub full of the so-called Instant Whitening Bath/Water as it peels her black skin away, leaving her white as snow or may be close to getting skin cancer.

It all actually depends on where you stand but always – Black Is Beautiful, I can’t stress enough about this.

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Source: OccupyGh.com