A video of National Security Personnels who were arrested for engaging in illegal mining has just surfaced on social media.

The video sighted by OccupyGh.com captures a clique of National Security Personnels being paraded into vehicles to be transported.

National Security Personnels Arrested Engaging Illegal Mining
Video of National Security Personnels Arrested For Engaging In Illegal Mining Surfaces

Kwame A-Plus who shared the video threw more light on it as he captioned his post:

“National security personnels arrested for engaging

in illegal mining (galamsey) in the Eastern Region. This is what we mean by #fixthecountry. You cannot tell us that you are committed to fighting galamsey when your own people have been caught on camera several times in the act but are left off the hook…

“We are all waiting to see the outcome of this. We hope they won’t be cleared by the President as usual!!! if you #fixthecountry by making laws work like this, illegal mining will stop ✋”

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Source: OccupyGh.com