University Students Busted Doing It
Video Of University Students Busted 'Doing It' At Hostel Surfaces Online

Video Of University Students Busted ‘Doing It’ At Hostel Surfaces Online

A viral video that sees two university students, of course, a boy and a girl, doing the do at their hostel has just surfaced online on social media.

the two university students made the mistake of their life after they left the window leading to the corridors of a hostel open while doing the thing.

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In the viral video making rounds on social media, the two were captured serving themselves in a hot afternoon while life in the hostel goes on.

From the footage, people were heard in the background conversing as they walk to their rooms while these two students were having their best time. Of course, they could care less about anyone else.

According to sources, they were recorded by the guy’s friend for reasons yet to be established

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