You really thought you’ve seen the weirdest things done yet by the police on this planet?

Wait till you see what these police officers were caught doing that had many on social media buzzing as per a new video sighted by on Twitter.

What These Police Men Were Doing
VIDEO: See What These Police Men Were Doing That Has Social Media Buzzing

This might be the first time that you see something like this happening, there is just no way that one can unsee this.

These are policemen seen in the streets, doing “God knows what” and there are people around.

What is not understandable is how they did what they were doing without any realization that it could be seen as weird and strange.

That might have been innocent, it could be that the man was removing something, but I doubt they would do that again if they saw things from our view. We saw something and it is probably better not to say it out loud.

Now, we would have to hear from them what the situation was there, but the way the whole thing looks is just unavoidable.

However, this is a video that was taken and it was not about what the policemen were doing, it was about one of them not wearing a mask.

In the video, the person who took the video is heard calling the policeman and when he looks in his direction, he tells him to wear a mask.


The guy tells the policeman to wear a mask and as one might have expected, the policeman just looks at him and walks with the mask still not on.

Now, it may seem like some policemen do not like to be told what to do and maybe that has to be addressed. As much as this might be seen as something that is not really serious, it actually is as long as Covid-19 is still a problem.

Policemen have to lead by example, they should keep their masks on in public at all times, that is something that they should not be told. Have you ever seen a police officer’s reaction when they see you without a mask in public places?

They snap at you, sometimes, yet there is this man who is a policeman who does not want to follow the same rules that they enforce.

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It will still remain a mystery but netizens are still eager to know what these officers were actually doing. What do you think was happening?