Wanlov The Kubolor Dresses Woman Music Video
Wanlov The Kubolor Dresses Up As A Woman For New Music Video

Pictures of Ghanaian musician Wanlov the Kubolor have gone viral on social media, which show him dressed in all-female attire with heavy makeup.

The cultural icon, whose style is fiercely independent, is known for some of his controversial acts like wearing a shirt with the word “TRUMU” boldly written on it and infamously showing his nudity on television.

The “My toto” hitmaker has now been spotted dressed up as a woman for a new music video titled “Mr.Casanova” by St. Beryl. She’s a Ghanaian musician with a soul-stirring voice.

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“Mr. Casanova” is a heartbreak ballad that was written by Beryl Stephenson (St. Beryl) to help free people, specifically ladies from the pain of heartbreaks. The video was directed by Jeremy Joseph and produced by Nii Quaye.

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This is not the first time Kubolor has dressed up for a music video, he dressed up as a lunatic in a video titled “Kwesi” which was a collaboration between him and St. Beryl in 2018.

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Source: OccupyGh.com