Are you like me wondering what the right age it is to get married? Well, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has some answers for us.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an astute teacher of God’s word and an amazing minister of God.

The body of Christ – both in Nigeria and beyond – is blessed to have him and his ministry around, especially to teach, and instruct, according to the proper ordinances of God’s word.

Oyakhilome needs no introduction at all, as his ministry – Believers’ Love World – is known around the world due to its global influence across many platforms.

Oyakhilome has adopted a different strategy recently. He runs an online “question and answer” program, which allows many Christians across the world, send in their heart-bothering questions, with the eventual intent to receive satisfying answers according to the principles of God’s word. During one of the meetings a person sent in the question that reads:

“Dear Pastor Chris, when is the right age to get married?”

Oyakhikome, who had read out the question didn’t hesitate to give his answer. He responded by saying:

“The bible is not specific to the right age to get married, some people get married while they are still very young, some others get married much older, but there is no definite age to get married, it all depends on various cultures and families, but marriage is for the mature anyway. To be able to handle life with someone else, you need some maturity but there is no definite age according to the Bible.”

Furthermore, Oyakhilome stressed how instrumental it is to understand, that the answers to the questions being asked by people, only come from God’s word and not what his opinion is. In his own words, he said:

“Now I’ll like to remind you that in this question and answer session, our purpose is not to pass across to you our opinion but to share with you what the word of God says, and that’s very important.”

I hope this post blessed you.