white lady sings patapaa skopatumana

Patapaa’s gibberish ‘Skopatomana’ rap on Kawoula Biov’s “Daavi Neba” song isn’t a joke as Patapaa himself forgot the lyrics during a live stage performance.

Perhaps, those who have been able to take the ‘Skopatomana’ Challenge should be applauded looking at how gibberish and the kind of unintelligible language used in the rap.

Well, a white woman has also taken Patapaa’s ‘Skopatomana’ Challenge and from the video, she did it perfectly as if she was the one who wrote the lyrics for the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker.

Patapaa to the world

Patapaa’s ‘Skopatomana’ Challenge has taken over the Ghanaian social media space as well as the traditional media even though no one understands the lyrics including Patapaa himself.

Watch the video of a white woman taking Patapaa’s ‘Skopatomana’ Challenge below.