‘White Police’ Allegedly Plotted To Kill Activist Shaun King

Several White former cops reportedly made plans to kill activist Shaun King. In an article posted on Medium, King, 40, revealed evidence that detailed the plot.

The plan began with an online thread that was started by Laura Tartaglione, a former Long Beach, California, police officer.

Tartaglione, who runs a nonprofit called Honorbands, an organization that raises money to honor officers killed in the line of duty, said California needed a team of retired military, police, and members of the National Rifle Assn. to offer protection from King and “criminals that the Democrats created.

Roy Brokaw, a former member of the Inglewood Police Department, asked where King could be found and wrote on the thread, “I’m with you brothers and sisters for justice and I’ll be there. Tell me when and where.”

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A man named Jerry DeRosa responded by writing on the thread, “Need a sniper?”

Another man named John Houchens said, “Shaun King needs to be put down.” And Chris Sanford suggested “[tossing] this guy from a helicopter.”

Tartaglione ordered retired Long Beach officer Jeffrey Garcia to organize the plot.

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Jim Bohannon Lugenbeel added on the thread that the plot to kill King was “retroactive birth control, or post-birth abortion, whatever you want to call it.

In a statement, the Long Beach Police Department said it would investigate the plot and have requested help from the FBI.

“We are 100% committed to working in partnership with our community to ensure that all people are treated with respect and professionalism and will not tolerate any bias, racism or threats to individuals,” the statement read in part.

Source: Rollingout.com