BREAKING: Woman Cut Off Husband's Private part For Sleeping With Their Daughter

Wonders are now gaining grounds in the world. The recent news which is about taking over the internet remains set. has gathered that a woman who has been with her husband for about 15 years has been arrested after news blew out that she has chopped off husband’s private part. The incidence is said to have happened in Bodwiase in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

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According to her, she has been married this man for years and she has always been committed to the marriage since she is always locked to all her duties.

She continued that neighbors hinted to her that anytime she leaves the house the husband sneaks around with their daughter, so she has to be still to witness if is actually true. Surprisingly it turned to be true.

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With the pains she went through she has no option than teaching the husband a lesson; the husband is currently admitted at the hospital as he goes through treatment.

The woman is still at the police custody. This story is still developing, Visit for more stories.