Nigerian man (Name withheld) has said that Any woman who does not Cumm in 10 minutes has evil spirits.


“I want to share something with you, How do you spend 35 minutes on a lady and she doesn’t cum? 35 minutes my chest and back started paining me.

“On Saturday, this girl came over, i did 35 minutes and she did not cumm, when i finally released, she gave me a look like am lazy, she even his quietly. In my mind i said “God will Punish her”.

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“My chest has been paining me since, the left side chest. i could not sleep last night out of fear that i may not wake up today. God is good, i am alive.

“Dear Guys, please Don’t kill yourself trying to please any woman. A lot of these women have evil spirits that delay there orgassm. Any woman who does not cumm orgassm in 10 minutes has a familiar spiritual issue. Be woke Brothers.

“My chest is still paining me feels like my heart is Jacking down.”