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OH! Xandy Kamel Now Reduced To Fooling On Tiktok Just For this Reason (Reason+ VIDEO Will Shock You)

In the name of Tiktok presents, certain avaricious Ghanaian celebrities are milking their helpless fans drained.

Felicia Osei, a popular TikToker, recently criticized several Ghanaian celebrities for using the social media platform to beg for cash and gifts.

The well-known TikTok user claimed that certain Ghanaian celebrities are flocking to TikTok because of money in an interview with ZionFelix.

She claimed that the money they will make from being on the platform is their primary goal.

Felicia questioned why they were using TikTok instead of Facebook or Instagram when broadcasting live.

To that effect, Felicia Osei has reportedly been acquitted after facing harsh criticism in the past.

Sadly enough, the barefaced actress Xandy Kamel, who often doesn’t care what people think of her, has been degraded to a jerk on Tiktok.

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Xandy Kamel was shamelessly pleading for money in an offensive video that elicited varied emotions from Ghanaians.

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According to reports, she was competing fiercely with a male TikToker on the platform, pleading for money and presents.

In fact, it is disgusting that celebrities are now making pleading for money and gifts on TikTok their occupation.

In the heat of the moment, Xandy went to use the restroom only to come back with a panty and devour it in front of thousands of people.

Ghanaians who have seen this terrible video have criticized her for lowering herself so low and acting bossy online while pleading for money and presents.

Are Ghanaian celebs actually starving in the background or are they just a bunch of greedy people?

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