sakawa boys sold jubilee house
sakawa boys sold jubilee house

A story trending online social media as sighted by suggest that a gang of ‘Sakawa Boys’ have been able to sell the Jubilee house to a ‘client’ for an amount worth Gh¢55,000.

Although unverified, this stories has gone viral since it surfaced social media and we still can’t tell the authenticity of it.

According to the story, a click of ‘Yahoo Yahoo boys’ as they are also known as are on their top form in 2019 as they managed to sell the Ghana Jubilee House to an unaware white customer who bought it for GH¢55,000.

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The story further reveals that “Government is likely to be evicted from their official seat because of some gruesome activities of some Sakawa guys…”

Golden Jubilee House, or Jubilee House, is the presidential palace in Accra that serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana. Jubilee House is built on the site of a building that was constructed and used for administrative purposes by the British Gold Coast Government as define by Wikipedia.

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Obviously this kind of house should be worth more than just some few thousands of cedes right? I guess this is why the story has gone viral already, considering the value if places on the common Ghanaian.

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