Wendy Shay has cursed Keche Joshua in a viral post for allegedly mocking her.

Wendy Shay‘s rage comes just after Keche Joshua earlier on called on netizens to pay critical attention to Wendy Shay and help her.

Joshua, the other half of the Keche group mocked Wendy in a video.

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According to Keche Joshua, he believes the ‘Shay On You’ crooner is suffering from emotional trauma.

Sighting the video, Wendy Shay had this to say as she curses her mocker:

“kecheJoshua are you not ashamed of yourself?.your Wife shd be ashamed of you ..an old artiste mocking a fellow young artiste who is a woman They will do worst things to your daughter For your Info I’m not on drugs and I’m not going thru anything Hater! #bringbackprayfortheworld“.”

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Check out a screenshot of Wendy’s post below or visit OccupyGh.com for more stories.

wendy shay curses keche joshua
‘Your Daughter Will Suffer Worst Fate’ – Wendy Shay Curses Keche Joshua

Source: OccupyGh.com