Youth of Today YOT Season 1 Episode 1
Youth of Today (YOT) Season 1 Episode 1

Checkout Youth of Today (YOT), a brand new Ghanaian teenage TV series set to amaze, educate and entertain many, among which are the youths of today’s society.

Youth of Today (YOT) is determined to be the most loved teenage television series across Africa. A Season 1 with 10 Episodes was just launched this year to the excitement of many patronizers.

Setting it’s location in Takoradi, this new series determines to follow the success of Tardi originated series such as Junka Town, iPhone 7, Takoradi Obroni among many.

Youth of Today (YOT)
Premiere: Youths of Today (YOT) TV Series

Starring Project, the sexy looking Lisa, fine boy McCarthy, the young duo Afia and Amanda, Mozilla, the troublesome duo Dell and Apo.

You need to see the actions of the lyrically strong Downtown.

Youth of Today (YOT) was written and directed by Akwasi Odo, location by McCarthy, production by Jowie and sound by Ekutu.

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