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Abena Korkor Trending Video Surfaces As Netizens Go Berserk

Ghanaian socialite Abena Korkor has done it again as netizens go berserk over her new trending viral video that she just shared on Instagram.

Abena Korkor who has accepted her battle with mental health has been an advocate for it for a very long time – both on social media and in real life.

She has been keeping her sanity clean for a while now, including her post on social media, specifically Instagram.

However, her latest post says otherwise.

Sharing a na–ty video of herself, the young lady has once again captured the attention of many on the image-sharing app.

As you will expect, netizens went berserk over the post:

Moesha n you are the two problems we have in this country at the moment

Someone should take her phone 🤦🏽‍♀️TV3 you do this one.

If this is the path you have chosen, then you need to make it pr!vate and cash out on members only innit

Asem my instagram to Stephen benson’s... and I scroll down three times and now trumuuu eeiii y333wu ooo

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