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WAA LOOK! Ex-Girlfriend Destroys Wedding As She ‘Fights’ Bride While Doing This (VIDEO)

This is only one of the many wonderful reasons to part ways amicably with a former crush.

A brief video that has gone viral on social media depicts the moment an ex-girlfriend disrupted a wedding ceremony with a concealed goal that caused havoc.

The young lady, whose name can be heard in the background of the funny video as Olivia, grabbed control of the dance floor during the dancing session and displayed her “wicked” dance talents.

She danced really erotically, twerking and moving her body in a very sexy way.

After some time, she compelled the bride, who had earlier displayed signals of disgust due to her seductive dance techniques, to take her hands.

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The bride collapsed while attempting to break free from the ex-lover of her groom, to the horror of the assembled guests.

People on social media who have seen this funny video have warned guys not to invite their bad-mannered ex-lovers to their weddings if they don’t want to experience the same fate.

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