A young lady has detailed in writing her experience with a young man who has fallen in love with her because of her b3dr00m prowess.

In a lengthy post sighted by OccupyGh.com, she noted how after 8 rounds she still wanted more and was not tired.

I Wanted More After 8 Rounds But He Was Tired – Lady Recounts Event

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I have been single for the past 2 years till I met this wonderful gentleman, who was going for jogging whiles I was going to work one early morning.

He approached me and obviously, I knew he was going to ask about my name and take my contact as it has been usual of some men, meeting nice ladies.

He did the same as I was thinking and he called me very late in the evening. We talked on the phone for like 3 hours before going to bed. We had just met that day and it was like we have been friends for quite a longer period of time, due to how the chemistry between us was working.

Looking at the way things were going, we were falling for each other, but I didn’t want to fall into any sort of love again, until I feel I am ready to get married, because of the ‘trauma’ I went through in my previous relationship.

He proposed to me, but I told him I was not ready for any relationship. He tried his best to get very close to me and do his best to win me, but I still insisted.

One morning he decided to go jogging with me and I gave in. ‘We went for 8 rounds, but I was not tired’. He got tired severally and that was the fun we had.

He saw me to be a very strong woman because, after the ‘8 rounds of jogging we had, I was not tired’. To him, he will never leave me for any man because of this. Gradually, I was falling in love with him and prepared my mind to accept his proposal, but there is one problem.

I have got to know that, he is the best friend of my Ex-boyfriend and this is really disturbing me. Should I agree to his proposal or not?

Source: OccupyGh.com