In a very astonishing development, a form six pupil at Gokomere High School was able to hide her pregnancy from school authorities and some of her peers before giving birth in her hostel yesterday.

The girl, whose identity has been withheld reportedly went into labor at around 2 am and gave birth to a baby girl in her hostel. She was assisted by her female wardens at the Roman Catholic-run boarding school as per state-media. However, it is unclear whether her pregnancy was a result of a romantic affair she had at the school or not.

After giving birth, the pupil and her baby were taken to the nearby Gokomere Clinic where nursing staff examined and certified that they were both fine.

JHS Student Gives Birth In Hostel
JHS Student Gives Birth In Hostel After Hiding Pregnancy From Teachers

Roman Catholic’s Masvingo Diocese vicar-general Father Walter Nyatsanza, confirmed the incident.

“Yes, it’s true, one of our female students gave birth to a baby girl at the school and the mother and her child were taken to a clinic at the institution where both were certified safe. At this point, we must protect the student who made a mistake. There is nothing that can be done to reverse this unfortunate incident. She needs help to cope.”

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Fr Nyatsanza said it was up to the girl’s parents to decide whether she continues with her education or not.

‘It is unfortunate that she fell pregnant and authorities at the school were not able to discover it because of the high student population, which makes it hard to closely monitor students…

“Unlike before, nowadays some parents are also against such close monitoring of their children in those areas (reproductive health). It is a catch 22 situation,” he said.

‘She is still our student. We cannot discriminate against her on the basis that she is now a mother. She can continue with her education, but that all depends on what her parents want.
We have informed them and they are on their way,’ added Fr Nyatsanza.

Other authorities at the school said they were taken by surprise by the incident.