Police has arrested an old man believed to be a fish farmer for allegedly cutting off the hand of a teenage 11-year-old boy, Goodluck Amechi in Lagos state of Nigeria, OccuyGh.com reports.

The suspect, Jeremiah Obifor a fish farmer believed to be in his early 60s cut off the teenage boy’s hand because he suspected him of stealing his fish.

Jeremiah has since then been arrested after Goodluck’s mother, Doris Isaac reported the case to the police on June 7 about 12;20 pm, a police report claims which has been obtained by our Nigerian reps at OccupyGh.com.

According to DSP Bala Elkana, the police spokesperson, Jeremiah attacked the teenage boy with a machete, struggled with him and eventually succeeding in cutting off his hand.

“The victim was rushed to Igando General Hospital.

“The suspect alleged that he saw the victim around his fish pond and thought that he came to steal his fish and that was why he attacked him.

“Investigation is ongoing and the suspect will be charged to court,” the police spokesperson said.

Source: OccupyGh.com