leaked tamale sextape
Two Lovers In L3aked Tamale Tape Flogged Publicly (Video)

Two lovers that were captured in a l3aked Tamale tape having fun have been flogged publicly at the palace of the chief of their community.

This comes as a deterrent to others in the community, as the crackdown on immoral behavior in the northern part of the country heads on.

OccupyGh.com has gathered that the accused persons have been accused of bringing shame into the ancient town and therefore the two were subjected to twelve strokes of canes.

The two have been tasked to provide two rams and an undisclosed number of fowls for the pacification of the gods in the community.

Malgu Naa, the palace spokesperson who justified the action of the chief said “Our intention is to prevent these behaviors among the young people in the city. We are going to continue with this action and any videos that we see and we think that it is not healthy for public consumption, we will look for such persons and punish them severely”

It is not known when the lovemaking between the two happened but from what both of them are saying in subtle jabs thrown at each other, it happened recently with the lady in question bragging that she is not the first to have a tape leaked.

The 31-seconds video exposes the two lovebirds glued together and engaging in a very hot bout which has been loaded on the status of a resident only identified as Papii.

The lady only identified as Khadija who is seen reacting to the leak says “I am braiding my hair…why won’t I braid my hair? Am I the first person to have my video leaked? Keep posting we don’t want stress. We are in 2019. Tomorrow I am going to chill”.

The young man on the other hand, is seen in another video dancing and saying” I am not bothered about them. I have not even seen them self. Whatever you are saying is my ass.

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